Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So, How Was Your Day?

So, my bloggy friend and favorite radio host (because she's the only one who has ever actually had me on her show), Greta Perry, likes to refer to herself as the Princess of Positive. (Wanna see? Look here: She prides herself on having a very sunny outlook on all the crud that drives the rest of us crazy. And, she usually suceeds. Anyhoo, I have named myself the Diva of Doom. Today is a perfect example of forces conspiring to stress me the hell out! As of 4:00 pm, the following has happened:

  • I forgot to give Big D his much needed medication, so the 2 littles and I had to chase the bus all the way to school to administer meds before he actually made contact with too many other humans. I did this dressed about 1 step up from my pajamas, so of course I saw people I know.
  • I got Princess all dressed for Mothers' Day Out and she pooped on her clothes.
  • Not surprisingly, Dubya and I were about 10 minutes late for his dr appointment.
  • I got a new prescription for Dubya for his ADHD which makes me nervous about new side effects.
  • I have an infected something or other on my lip which has caused it to be swollen to twice its normal size. It looks kinda Hollywood, except it hurts like hell. Naturally, I have decided it is flesh eating disease....
  • I spent my whole day doing kid related stuff and STILL didn't make it to the grocery, so we have NO FOOD AT ALL!
  • The boys just came home from school and are already screaming at one another.
  • AND, I just got the call that my brother is having freaking BRAIN SURGERY on Tuesday for his aneurysm. If that's not the scariest thing ever, I don't know what is. We've known about the aneurysm for a few days, and I knew surgery was necessary, but it's so real when they set a date.

So, there it is - the Diva of Doom does Wednesday..... If I go to bed right now, will it all stop?


  1. All in a day girl!!! Everything but your brother is minor stuff. Put your tiara on!!!

  2. Well, your spirits were certainly high at the zoo even at the end of the day! But really, you need to stop being so "trashy" when the kids are around ;-)