Friday, November 28, 2008

One More Day, Just One More Day.....

before this "week off" is over. While my kids are frequently cute and cuddly, they also bore easily. And, when they are off of school, that's what happens. And we all know who they look to for entertainment.... I am just not that entertaining, I confess. And, since someone at my husband's office is always taking a holiday week off, he works twice as long - usually out the door before they are up and back home after the toughest ones are in bed. This all adds up to a really tired and cranky me.

Monday, the big ones go back to school, and hubby is taking the week off. This would normally be great, except he is doing it to help out while I recover from surgery I am told is really painful. Yippee! The recovery time is supposed to be 2 weeks, but I have to make it in one, because that's all the time I could get some help.

As he assumes the role of Mr Mom, let's hope he is prepared to answer the following questions - over and over again....

The questions - as of 7:30 am

Is today a school day?
So I can wear whatever I want?
Can we go outside and play?
Do I have to take my medicine today?
Can I have some ice cream?
Can I have breakfast now?
Can I eat it upstairs?
Can I eat it in your room?
Is today Monday?
Does 20 go up to twenty-ten?
Can we have a sleepover for my birthday?
Can we go outside and play?
Can I ride my bike today?
Is Thanksgiving over?
Where are the scissors?
Why can't I have the scissors?
Is ten minutes longer than ten hours?
Can we go outside and play?

And, that's just in 40 minutes or so.... And only out of one kid, cause one doesn't really talk much and the other one is still asleep!

Patience, patience patience - I repeat this in my head over and over.

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