Sunday, November 30, 2008

It Only Hurts When I Breathe.....

Tomorrow is my surgery, and while I am not really nervous about the surgery itself, I hear the recovery is brutal. For the curious out there, let's just say I am having a procedure in a delicate area that's used primarily when sitting. I have had 2 colonoscopies where they found nothing wrong, so we are taking care of the real problem. I am just thrilled. The doctor says that, on a scale of 1 - 10, the pain factor is a 20. I also will need to soak in the tub 3 times a day. This ought to be a neat trick for someone who isn't even guaranteed the time to take a shower everyday.

And, so, T is taking the week off, although I'm not sure he won't regret this. I can tell the kids are already driving him nuts this weekend, since he isn't feeling great himself. I have tried to prep the house and its inhabitants so that this will be easier. There is plenty of easy to fix food. The new cleaning lady came Friday - and she was a dream come true. The kids have clean clothes. No one has a doctor's appointment or anything complicated this week. Tonight I will pack the boys' school bags, lay out their clothes, etc.

I guess the only question I have now is, do I need to do anything for me?

Wish me luck. If you don't see a post for a while, it means the surgeon wasn't exaggerating about the pain!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Walk in the Park

We took the kids to Fairview Riverside State Park last weekend for a little outside time. Despite my true aversion to little kids playing in sand, I relented, and they had a great time. Big D spent most of his time trying to dig the deepest hole possible, which means someone will surely break an ankle sometime this week. Dubya ran around releasing as much crazy 5 yr old energy as he possibly could. But, P3 is the one who really surprised us. She was completely fearless and went down every slide multiple times, even the big twisty one. Considering I thought Big D wouldn't go in a McDonald's Playland until he was old enough to drive there, this was an interesting change. (Not that avoiding the bacterial melange that is a public Playland is necessarily a bad thing, mind you.)

Of course, the drawback is that they think I will take them everyday now. And, of course, there was the sand in every kid crevice as well as all over the van. But, for free entertainment, it was pretty good.

So Very Cute.... for an hour at least

Thanksgiving was very nice and very brief. Princess could only hack it at my cousin's house for about an hour. Oh, and I owe my cousin a new booster seat.....

Still, they all looked adorable. I'm pretty sure the food was good. Since T and I took turns speed eating so we could tag each other out with the kids, it's hard to remember.

I hope chocolate pudding comes out of the collar of the new dress.

Friday, November 28, 2008

One More Day, Just One More Day.....

before this "week off" is over. While my kids are frequently cute and cuddly, they also bore easily. And, when they are off of school, that's what happens. And we all know who they look to for entertainment.... I am just not that entertaining, I confess. And, since someone at my husband's office is always taking a holiday week off, he works twice as long - usually out the door before they are up and back home after the toughest ones are in bed. This all adds up to a really tired and cranky me.

Monday, the big ones go back to school, and hubby is taking the week off. This would normally be great, except he is doing it to help out while I recover from surgery I am told is really painful. Yippee! The recovery time is supposed to be 2 weeks, but I have to make it in one, because that's all the time I could get some help.

As he assumes the role of Mr Mom, let's hope he is prepared to answer the following questions - over and over again....

The questions - as of 7:30 am

Is today a school day?
So I can wear whatever I want?
Can we go outside and play?
Do I have to take my medicine today?
Can I have some ice cream?
Can I have breakfast now?
Can I eat it upstairs?
Can I eat it in your room?
Is today Monday?
Does 20 go up to twenty-ten?
Can we have a sleepover for my birthday?
Can we go outside and play?
Can I ride my bike today?
Is Thanksgiving over?
Where are the scissors?
Why can't I have the scissors?
Is ten minutes longer than ten hours?
Can we go outside and play?

And, that's just in 40 minutes or so.... And only out of one kid, cause one doesn't really talk much and the other one is still asleep!

Patience, patience patience - I repeat this in my head over and over.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a nice and unstressed day!

I should perhaps list a few things I am thankful for to start my day off right.

  • Of course, I am eternally thankful for my beautiful children, who bring me more joy than trouble in the long run.
  • I am thankful that I am not hosting Thanksgiving dinner.
  • I am thankful I can afford to have a roof over my head and food to eat - and a bunch of stuff I don't need to go along with it.
  • I am thankful for my wonderful memories of my family from when I was a kid, so that, even though my parents are gone, I feel they are always with me.
  • I am thankful for my almost teen nephew, who spent the night the other night and reminded me that maybe I'm still pretty cool after all - for an old lady and all.
  • I am thankful for my new found writing outlet, which has turned out to be more fun than I thought and brought me some new friends.
  • I am thankful for my husband, who drives me insane, but puts up with me while I do the same to him.
  • And, most of all, I am thankful that, despite another year of trials and tribulations, joy and loss, we are still around to gather together and fight over something stupid, like who should have inherited the big turkey platter.

Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008

If It's Tuesday, I Used to Be.....

In my quest to entertain my sparse but much appreciated readership, not to mention my need to just get things off of my chest, I will now feature a "Topic Tuesday." The topic itself is inspired by the name of a great blog by Lyndsay called "I Used to Be Witty." Anyone who reads her knows that Lyndsay is most certainly still witty, but I digress. The title always makes me think of things I used to be - single, younger, thinner, broke, a partier, edgy - what a list! So, for as long as I can manage it, Tuesdays will be dedicated to exploring something I used to be, for better or worse.....

And, now I give you -
If It's Tuesday, I Used to Be - COOL

It's true. This did not happen in high school, or even college, really - although I desperately wished it to be so. Coolness was not easily won in my school, most especially not by someone who parked her old postal jeep behind a classmate's Porsche every morning of senior year. No, coolness came to me sometime in my mid 20s, and it happened mostly on another continent.

My parents sent me on my first summer in Europe to get me away from a boyfriend they despised. I was there with a bunch of other spoiled Americans and a few who were genuinely fun and not necessarily looking for the nearest Louis Vuitton store. It was a life changing summer - so much so that I went back the next year. This time, I knew the ropes, knew some natives, knew the best places to go, and could manage to lead everyone to the Eiffel Tower and Dachau without getting lost. And then, the real test. I came home for a few weeks and convinced Mom and Dad that I really needed to go back for an entire year. And I did.

I spent a long time in Austria, learning my way around, travelling all over, learning German. I was the only American most of my friends knew, and I almost never spoke English. For a lot of that time, I went to Northern Italy by train every weekend to visit my Italian boyfriend and his family. They were native German speakers, so we could talk to one another - but I learned my share of Italian, too. There were 3 main TV channels we watched - two in German and one in Italian. Shopkeepers usually spoke both languages, but rarely English.

During this time, I translated a PhD candidate's thesis into English. I rang in the New Year with Irish and Austrian friends atop a mountain in the Alps. I often took the train to Munich to shop for the day. I drank wine with friends while two Scots we met downtown played guitar and ate our cooking. (The wine was from a friend's backyard vinyard.) I befriended lost American tourists who were always amazed at the fact that I lived there - and spoke the language! Until they asked, most Austrians assumed I was Scandinavian. Americans, it seems, don't often learn fluent German.

I filled my passport with stamps from all over. I swam in the Aegean Sea and could see all the way to the rocky bottom. I once rode on a motorcycle through the Brenner Pass between Austria and Italy, and it was so cold, I could not lift my leg over the bike when we stopped for a break. We rode to Pisa, Capri, Naples and Rome, where, oddly enough, I caught Bruce Springsteen in concert. I saw Mount Vesuvius from the back of that bike. I have never been so filthy in my life as I was on that ride around the Italian autostrada.

And, during all this time, I was cool. I was cool to my European friends because I was American, from New Orleans, no less. But I was one of them, spoke their language, translated popular songs and didn't complain about the lack of cold Coke. And, I was cool to Americans, because, well - I was living in freaking Europe!

Eventually, I had to come home. I willed my belongings to friends, shipped a lot of stuff, left my snowboots at my boyfriend's and flew out of Zurich back home. My family took me out to dinner that night. I was so exhausted, I couldn't think straight. When the waiter came to take my order, I stared back blankly because I honestly couldn't remember how to order in English. What are the odds of finding a waiter who speaks German in some seafood restaurant in NOLA? Not good, but thank God for this guy! We chatted a minute about Germany and that he studied there, etc. After I ordered, I looked up to see my whole family staring at me in disbelief. "What's wrong with you people?" I say. And my brother, still staring wide-eyed, finally breaks the silence, "Damn, that was SO cool!"

I'd like to thank the Academy - and Maggie

For my very first blog award! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Stop by and see Maggie's adventures at Life With Boys.

They have a lot of fun over there!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Those people are so lethargic.....

they can't even reach for their own coffee cup!"

That's a quote from my 8 yr old Big D while watching Wall-E. Um, I am quite sure I know adults who cannot properly use the word "lethargic" in a sentence. How I adore this beautiful crazy smart little boy! His teacher even e-mails me with some of the amazing things he says. T and I keep saying we're not surprised anymore, but it's just not true.

And let's not forget Dubya, my crazy five yr old, who can build whole Lego sets all by himself and started changing the batteries in his own toys at the age of 3. (Long story - I was napping.) He also used the word echolocation at the dinner table the other night - correctly.

These guys are just amazing. There are so many times that I literally stop dead in my tracks at something they say. (May I also point out that, from now on, I would like to pronounce the word literally like a Brit - LIT-tral-lee - I like that so much better.)

Anyhoo, think the point is (does there have to be a point?), I am so very lucky to have these children in my life. And, though I bitch and moan with the best (and worst) of them, being their mom is the world's greatest blessing. To think there was a time when I thought I wouldn't be able to have one child, and here I am surrounded by three.... They give my life meaning and purpose and so much joy. And, even on the worst day, I wouldn't change a thing.

It was important to get that all down before we embark on a week of no school.... When they're making me crazy, I can come back and read this!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Here We Go Again......

It seems like I should be old enough for it not to matter, but I am an orphan. My parents are both gone - and have been for a few years. However, there is never a time when this is so very apparent as that great American thing known as "the Holidays." Most of the time, I can just cruise along like other people, participating in things with my own little family without really thinking about it. And then, here they come - those times when family is meant to gather for celebration and tradition and memory making. I can handle Grandparents Day at school - for which I recruit a sibling or in law to fill in. I hate it, but the kids don't seem to mind so much. But there is just something so wrong about having to figure out every year where you are going to celebrate Thanksgiving so you don't end up being the only family at the Shoney's buffet who doesn't qualify for the senior citizen discount. Since Mom died, we have had to wing it for Turkey Day. I know we did it one year at Mom and Dad's with a bunch of extended family to ease the pain. It actually turned out pretty good. And then Dad died, too. And then Katrina left two of us homeless. Yep, homeless orphans. That year my little family went to Tennessee for lack of anything better to do, us being refugees and all. The boys played in the snow and took a helicopter ride and it almost seemed normal. There have been two restaurant meals. And, now, we are going to a cousin's for dinner.

My cousin lost her house in the storm as well and they built a new one that I hear is beautiful. That is, until my kids get through with it. And, while I appreciate the invitation and am glad to have somewhere to go, I really want to hang around my parents' enormous house, drinking my dad's way too strong old fashioneds, helping mom make oyster dressing and waiting for her to burn the rolls again. I want all the little cousins to sit at a kids' table with my brother there to keep the peace. I want to wake up the day after and eat leftovers.

My kids never experienced this, really. My mom died while I was expecting Dubya, and Daddy died before the Princess was born. It is my job to make memories like these for them. I always joke that we are auditioning new family traditions. I just wish we could share some of the same ones.

So, when I say that I "hate" the holidays, you know why. I am not really a scrooge. And, while I know and have experienced the stages of grief - reaching acceptance in spite of myself, sometimes I just take a few steps back into anger. It will pass, I know. But, pardon me if the signs of "the holidays" turn me into a real bitch at first. I'll catch up to the rest of you soon enough.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Knights in Red and Black Satin.....

A while back, I mentioned how great the Renaissance Fair was. Well, I finally freed the photos from the camera. The boys wore their Halloween costumes again - which were a great hit. This was SOOOO much fun. I highly recommend it. I think there is one more weekend left. Check out their site here:

What a great thing for a couple of little boys! We spent almost 5 hours there, and could have stayed longer. And, while a Renaissance Festival does bring out some interesting characters, everyone was incredibly nice. I really liked the way everyone really engaged the boys throughout the day - asking them if they had slain any dragons, etc. This will definitely be on our list of things to do again next year!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not So Funny Anymore.....

I have nothing funny or witty to say. At this very moment, my brother is having brain surgery to treat an aneurysm right in the middle of his head. I am a nervous wreck. I don't know how to pray anymore, but I'm giving it a shot. I'm waiting for the babysitter to come watch P3 so I can get there.

If you know how to pray, please say one for my bubby, who was my comrade in homeless orphanhood after Katrina.

Things went pretty well with the surgery. They put in some stints to try and straighten out the artery. They will need to go back in in January to coil it out. My brother's not happy to have to go into surgery again, but at least they didn't have to open his skull. And, I got to go to Marrero for what I think was my first time ever. So, you see, all is not lost!

Thanks for the well wishes!

Monday, November 17, 2008

If It's Not One Thing, It's Her Brother......

So, last night was going along fairly normally. We spent the day hanging around, took in a little retail therapy at Target, where T had to pick up the latest expansion pack to World of Warcrack, had a late lunch at WOW, that sort of thing. A little later, Dubya was lying in my bed watching TV and he started to cough. He has some killer allergies, so this is not unusual. But then he starts screaming, "I threw up in your bed!" "Dad, I threw up in your bed!"

Of course you did, honey.

So, once again, I spent the evening washing sheets and towels. This time, however, the one throwing up had the werewithal to be able to do it in a bucket most of the time. Hooray for independent minded children. The bucket thing worked great until he actually went to bed. He fell asleep in 2.6 seconds as usual. And, then Big D comes out yelling, "Mom, Dubya threw up again! He's throwing up everywhere!" Big D has a flair for the dramatic, so luckily it was not "everywhere." It did, however, mean a whole other set of sheets to be washed, prompting me to mutter over and over, "sheet, son of beetch," which had T cracking up.

So, Dubya spent the night on the couch with the bucket next to him. He only erupted once more in the morning. He was just sick enough to stay home from school, but not sick enough to be quiet for more than 4 seconds all day. It also means I missed doing what I had promised I would help with in his classroom today. I am the worst. room. mom. ever.

He's fine now, but I am wiped out. And, all of our sheets are nice and clean. Sheet, son of beech.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Happens When They Drive......

We have this thing called a "gator." It's a battery operated little John Deere 4 wheeler looking thing. My dad bought two to keep at his house when the boys were really little. They loved them then. When Daddy died, we took one and my brother took the other one. Well, his flooded in Katrina, but ours is still going. What's funny is that Dubya used to be the passenger and Big D was the driver. What a difference a couple of years can make......

But - not content to let anyone else drive her around, P3 decided she would take the wheel. She just doesn't know how to turn it yet.....

The neighbors all find this totally hysterical. Well, so do I, actually. This little baby driving this thing all over... She's nothing if not determined.

This Week's Cartoon.....

This one made me laugh today.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thar She Blows!!!

So yesterday I chapereoned a field trip to the zoo. I was in charge of three 5 yr old boys, one of whom I gave birth to. It was actually pretty fun, except for the part where one of them complained often and loudly that he was starving to death, or thirsty, or tired. But, we soldiered on. Since we had such a limited amount of time, I took a survey of one "must see" from each one so no one would be disappointed. As long as they got to see elephants, tigers and rattlesnakes, we were golden. They also each got to touch a snake. which was right up their 5 yr old boy alley. I used to work at a zoo, so I felt confident in my ability to impart some good animal info to these guys - all of which they completely ignored, naturally. I did, however, feel good for giving it my best shot.

After we had a delicious picnic lunch of a room temperature Lunchable, I was back on my way across the lake. New Orleans traffic is simply horrible nowadays, so it took me a full hour to get home. I had the sitter for another hour, but Princess Poopie Pants would not allow any nappage. After the sitter left, Baby J was sitting in my lap with her head on my shoulder about to fall asleep. I was totally enjoying this rare quiet time, and then I felt the tell-tale rumbling. And, just like Vesuvius it came - in spurts and waves. Princess Poopie Pants had morphed into Princess Pukie Pants - just like that. All over herself, me, the only decent rug in my house, as well as my cheap microfiber disposable sofa. I just held her calmly until she was done. And then I began the clean up process. First me (I had it the worst), then her, the rug, then couch. I made a blanket and towel pallet on the living room floor, and Pukie Pants laid down her little head, clad only in a diaper and nodded off while watching Elmo. And then, the sleeping volcano would stir slightly - and the eruption would follow. As a mom of three, kid vomit is a little old hat to me. I am SO much calmer about it than I used to be. I no longer react like it is burning napalm or some sort of acid bath. It all cleans up. It's just that confused look on their faces when they have lost all control of their functions that gets me.....

So, on the floor she stayed, still sleeping when the boys came home from school, still sleeping when Daddy (who had been summoned home a few minutes early) arrived. Of course, she woke up for Daddy, smiled big and began moving again, just to show him Mommy was full of it and she was fine. She almost had him, too, until she erupted one last time just for him. And then, just as quickly as the sleeping volcano came to life, it went dormant again. P3 was just fine by bath and bedtime, leaving only a smelly pile of clothes, towels and blankets in her wake. Ah, the joys of motherhood just never end, do they?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So, How Was Your Day?

So, my bloggy friend and favorite radio host (because she's the only one who has ever actually had me on her show), Greta Perry, likes to refer to herself as the Princess of Positive. (Wanna see? Look here: She prides herself on having a very sunny outlook on all the crud that drives the rest of us crazy. And, she usually suceeds. Anyhoo, I have named myself the Diva of Doom. Today is a perfect example of forces conspiring to stress me the hell out! As of 4:00 pm, the following has happened:

  • I forgot to give Big D his much needed medication, so the 2 littles and I had to chase the bus all the way to school to administer meds before he actually made contact with too many other humans. I did this dressed about 1 step up from my pajamas, so of course I saw people I know.
  • I got Princess all dressed for Mothers' Day Out and she pooped on her clothes.
  • Not surprisingly, Dubya and I were about 10 minutes late for his dr appointment.
  • I got a new prescription for Dubya for his ADHD which makes me nervous about new side effects.
  • I have an infected something or other on my lip which has caused it to be swollen to twice its normal size. It looks kinda Hollywood, except it hurts like hell. Naturally, I have decided it is flesh eating disease....
  • I spent my whole day doing kid related stuff and STILL didn't make it to the grocery, so we have NO FOOD AT ALL!
  • The boys just came home from school and are already screaming at one another.
  • AND, I just got the call that my brother is having freaking BRAIN SURGERY on Tuesday for his aneurysm. If that's not the scariest thing ever, I don't know what is. We've known about the aneurysm for a few days, and I knew surgery was necessary, but it's so real when they set a date.

So, there it is - the Diva of Doom does Wednesday..... If I go to bed right now, will it all stop?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Let Me Make Something PERFECTLY Clear....

There is absolutely no good reason on God's green earth to put up Christmas lights during the first week of November. This is especially important if your house is located within view of my back yard and you plan on keeping them on for 2 months straight, including at night. And, let's add to that the fact that they CHANGE COLORS from red to green to BLUE and then start FLASHING! I mean, c'mon people! It's bad enough I heard annoying Christmas music at Wal-Mart the other day. I mean, isn't Wal-Mart enough of a penance without the freaking Christmas carols on the first day of November?!?!

As I tell my boys, Christmas never starts at our house until December 1st. Don't ask for decorations or a tree before then. It ain't happening. AND, on December 26th, the tree is just trash and the rest clutter. I can never get it out fast enough!

It's going to be a long season, isn't it?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What a Weekend!

We started our weekend pretty laid back. Saturday was spent just hanging around the house, cleaning (me), playing (kids), and sleeping (T). Around 2:00 I was in the middle of cleaning the kitchen and heard sirens - and they were CLOSE. I looked out the front window. I saw the kid across the street out in his driveway and opened the door and asked him what was up. He says nonchalantly, "There's a fire down there." So, I'm thinking trash fire, brush fire, whatever. But then - I see my 70+ year old neighbors shuffling down the street. This does not happen often (ever), so I KNOW something's up. I take a few steps out and look down the street and see THREE fire trucks, countless emergency vehicles and huge clouds of thick black smoke moving across the sky. Um, I'm thinking this is not a brush fire..... Then I saw the flames - taller than the trees and some angry.

I ran inside to roust the family. By this time the whole neighborhood is making its way down the street - on foot, bicycle, car, and even four wheeler (gotta love St Tammany). I am telling T there's a fire down the street, and he's like "So?" Evidently, he also thought I meant a brush fire. Well, as it turns out, there were 3 houses on fire. The first one burned down to the ground in about 30 minutes. The second one is almost completely destroyed, and the third has major damage. It was so sad to see these people coming home and realizing it was indeed their house that was burning. It brought back some awful Katrina memories for me, and I confess I shed a tear or two. Of course, it was also a little embarrassing that Dubya's response was so wholly inappropriate - as in COOL, a FIRE. Hey guys - LOOK at the COOL FIRE. I reminded him how bad we all felt when we lost our house and that seemed to help. But, to a 5 yr old, it's just a cool fire. And, of course, there were all the emergency vehicles and workers, and the whole block party atmosphere.... It was surreal, I tell you.

As of this morning, the houses were STILL smouldering, which was wild to me. No one knows yet what caused it. And, because it was on the news and all, we keep seeing strangers driving in front of our house - really slowly so they don't miss it. Uh - it's the one that's just a few blackened beams folks, a few houses down on the left.

Good news, no neighbors were hurt. Two firefighters had minor injuries, but they are both ok. The Red Cross showed up right away to help out the families. And, I'm taking this time to review a fire plan with my family.

It was a strange day, to say the least! And to top off our weekend, we spent almost the entire day today at the Renaissance Fair, which was AWESOME and highly recommended. More on that later!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Little Dubya.....

He's getting in so much trouble at school. We have tried one ADHD medication and the results were disastrous. But, he needs help. I know he wants to be good. It's like he doesn't know how. I am spread too thin and questioning my effectiveness as a parent. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. Am I doing anything wrong?

Yesterday he didn't go more than 30 seconds without talking to me. He cannot stop - ever. I adore him, and yet, he is driving me crazy. He is so full of love and joy, but he does nothing in moderation. He is loud and curious and creative and messy and lovable and frustrating and smart and infuriating. When people tell me that Baby J is just like him, it gives me chills because I know what's coming.

I always thought Dubya would have trouble in real school. I also always hoped I'd be wrong.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Getting Late and I Am Tired

I got some disturbing news today about my brother, although it seems he will be ok. Nonetheless, it's been an emotional roller coaster today. I am thrilled at the prospect of an Obama presidency, but my joy is tempered by this bad news.

Let's all come together and hope for the best for our nation and the world.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It was pretty quick and easy. The lines were not long. There were a number of cars in the parking lot with stickers for the other guy, which made me even happier to be there. I was also glad to get away from the phone. Today I have been called by the Republican Party, Steve Scalise, Jim Harlan and Mary Landrieu. How nice of all of them to check on me!

A strange thing has been happening to me lately. I have a sticker on my van for my candidate - first time I've ever done that. I am in the distinct minority in my district, so I guess people want to see what I look like. They keep speeding up to pull up next to me. Then they look directly at me - usually giving me a sheepish kind of smile. I figure, what the heck, and smile back broadly. After they pass I often see a bumper sticker for the other guy. I can't help the feeling that perhaps I am not what they expected.....

My kind neighbor looked after the 3 kiddos so I could go vote. He said he would have done it even if we weren't like minded. As a professor of history, he wanted to help me do my civic duty.

And now for the results.... I confess, I can't wait.


I am such a political junkie, this is like Christmas for me! Hubby already voted - was in line when they opened. I tried to vote early, but the line was too long for the Princess, so we bailed. That means I'll have to do it today. T plans to get home early so I can get in line before the polls close. I might not be able to wait that long. I just might have to take the munchkins with me. Big D is my "political junkie in training" and has always come with me to vote for the big ones. I even let him cast the actual vote. There is nothing more American than casting your vote. It is something so many of us take for granted, but so many people have sacrificed for.

Vote today for your children tomorrow. Pray for our leaders.

And, no, I'm not saying a word about who I'm voting for until the fat lady sings tonight. Of course, any of you who know me already know who I'm rooting for......

Monday, November 3, 2008

Someone Please Explain to Me....

How it is we managed to have such incredibly beautiful children? I mean, really! It makes me want to stare at them for hours on end. Until, of course, they begin to tear at each other fighting, and then I just wish for a pause button so I can keep staring......

Our Not So Scary Halloween Costumes

Big D as Prince Caspian and Dubya as King Peter from The Chronicles of Narnia. They were cool costumes, and D is actually reading Narnia, but I think the real appeal was the chance to carry big swords. Of course, we all know who ended up carrying them......

And Baby J as our very own Saintsation - only because I couldn't find anything else and I already had this at home. Let's not tell her about the 4-4 record. She'll just have a tantrum!