Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Little Dubya.....

He's getting in so much trouble at school. We have tried one ADHD medication and the results were disastrous. But, he needs help. I know he wants to be good. It's like he doesn't know how. I am spread too thin and questioning my effectiveness as a parent. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. Am I doing anything wrong?

Yesterday he didn't go more than 30 seconds without talking to me. He cannot stop - ever. I adore him, and yet, he is driving me crazy. He is so full of love and joy, but he does nothing in moderation. He is loud and curious and creative and messy and lovable and frustrating and smart and infuriating. When people tell me that Baby J is just like him, it gives me chills because I know what's coming.

I always thought Dubya would have trouble in real school. I also always hoped I'd be wrong.

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  1. have you had him tested for Tourette's? My best friend's son was diagnosed with ADHD for years until now at 11 he was finally diagnosed with Tourette's but not the kind we are familiar with. I also just read that the I think it was Ms. Louisiana had the same thing happen to her growing up. ADHD for years until they figure out it was Tourette's. Something to talk to doc about if you haven't already.

    OH! Congrats to you. Yes, I know I owe you candy. I will try to pick you up some sugar free peanut butter cups. I don't want to sabotage!