Tuesday, November 4, 2008


It was pretty quick and easy. The lines were not long. There were a number of cars in the parking lot with stickers for the other guy, which made me even happier to be there. I was also glad to get away from the phone. Today I have been called by the Republican Party, Steve Scalise, Jim Harlan and Mary Landrieu. How nice of all of them to check on me!

A strange thing has been happening to me lately. I have a sticker on my van for my candidate - first time I've ever done that. I am in the distinct minority in my district, so I guess people want to see what I look like. They keep speeding up to pull up next to me. Then they look directly at me - usually giving me a sheepish kind of smile. I figure, what the heck, and smile back broadly. After they pass I often see a bumper sticker for the other guy. I can't help the feeling that perhaps I am not what they expected.....

My kind neighbor looked after the 3 kiddos so I could go vote. He said he would have done it even if we weren't like minded. As a professor of history, he wanted to help me do my civic duty.

And now for the results.... I confess, I can't wait.

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