Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My friend Jennifer over at Another Online Mom tagged me a while ago. This is my long overdue response.

The rules are:

1. Show the icon on your blog

2. Tag seven others to partake in the fun times.

3. List ten random things about yourself.

I am all about random stuff, so here goes.....

  1. When I am 50, my kids will be 15, 12, and 8. Yikes!
  2. My husband complains he will be old when he turns 40 next month - I am 43 - nice move, honey.
  3. My house was destroyed by falling trees during Hurricane Katrina.
  4. I once won a karaoke contest singing Me and Bobby McGee.
  5. I was president of the drama club in high school.
  6. Many years ago, I spent the week after Christmas with Jimmy Carter and his family - and a slew of Secret Service.
  7. I speak German.
  8. I worked at Disney World for 8 years.
  9. I used to think I didn't want kids - especially when I worked at Disney World! :)
  10. I can cry at the mere mention of the movie "Terms of Endearment." "Give my daughter the SHOT!!!" It slays me every time.

And, so now I tag......

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  1. #2 is lovely. Men, you know, what do you say?

  2. You worked at Disney World for 8 years?! That is so cool!! My husband is a die-hard Mickey fanatic!!! We LOVE Disney World!! Ha ha, but I guess I can see where in that kind of job you might tend to want to avoid kids at all cost. lol

    I'll get the tag up on my post this week. =)

  3. Cool! I will do this tomorrow. I need to think of some good stuff about myself!