Sunday, December 21, 2008

P3 Meets the Big Guy......

She's met him once before as a baby. But here she was at my sister's Christmas party. She was surprisingly unafraid this time and kept crawling back in his lap and asking for hugs. This, of course, makes me think she will go off with any creep in a red suit at any old time. The look on her face has more to do with all of the other people than Santa. There were a lot of ooohhhhs and aaaawwwws when she was there. This is because I am the only person in my family crazy enough to have such young children, so they dote on them. Theirs are all way too cool for Santa.
Dubya joined in, too. But Big D was busy playing football in the backyard, and I think he missed him altogether.


  1. How cool, your sister had Santa at her house....great aunt. I would oooh and aaaa too, they are both very cute.

    Checking out SITS blogs(and loving it)...feel free to stop by my blog to enter the 2 "gift-a-ways" that I'm having....
    Happy Sunday!!!

  2. HI! Thanks for dropping by my blog! LOL, don't feel guilty about the upcoming 2 weeks with the kids and your level of excitement. Believe you me, there were times when I married my husband when it was really hard having the kids. But after the first year we settled in and we're doing ok. They haven't been home to UT since Aug 7. Thus the reason for my excitement.
    Your kids are darling! I love the classic Santa photo!!

  3. Hi, I'm from "Mums Over 40" stopping by to wish you "Merry Christmas" before I hit my hometown for the holidays.

  4. Good morning! You were in front of me on roll call at SITS this morning so I thought I'd stop on by and say hello. Your kids are adorable!