Monday, December 15, 2008

Best Monday I've Had in Ages!

I am alive, feeling decent. P3 is at that glorious thing known as Mothers' Day Out. And the angel I like to call the cleaning lady is working her magic! Ah, life is too good!

Today, Santa's elves who run the internets are going to help me with my Christmas shopping. If only Santa's friends at UPS were cheaper, this would be an even better idea.

The Christmas tree is up and decorated. P3 has broken 2 ornaments, which is half as many as the dog has knocked off with his tail. The kitten keeps trying to climb up to meet the angel at the top. Things do not look good for the tree this year.

I am trying to put out some more decorations. My goal is to make it look nice, use as much of my mom's stuff as possible and keep it from looking like a Christmas store threw up in here. T bought an 8 foot inflatable snowman at Target yesterday after which I informed him that the Christmas decorations should not be as scary as the Halloween ones. Really, nothing says class like a yard full of inflatables. If only we had Santa on a Harley to make a real statement.....

How nice to rejoin the land of the living. I have missed you, civilization!

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  1. nd slike a good day! I swear if I hever win the lottery I will hire a maid before ANYTHING, ha.