Wednesday, December 3, 2008

If It's Tuesday, I Used to Be......


I realize that "grooming" is a word best used for animals. but it seems to fit. There was a time in my life when I was kind of "put together." While I have always considered myself low maintenance, it seems motherhood has moved me into "no maintenance."

In the 90s, I worked mostly outdoors in Central Florida. This resulted in a short and sassy haircut which could be styled by hanging my head out of the window of a moving car. I totally loved it. And, because I hadn't yet developed my early 30s crappy skin, I kept make-up to a minimum. I could be ready for work in 10 minutes, easily. When my hair got longer, I went for a perm for a while. It was quite fashionable at the time. I had a bunch of fun clothes - most of which were chosen for their dancability! My friends and I went out at least twice a week, and danced until closing time.

Fast forward a few years.... I now sport a mom uniform. There are a couple pairs of jeans, cropped khakis, a skort and a variety of solid colored t-shirts. These are almost all paired with plaid converse sneakers or flip flops. On the rare occasion that we go out, I have a couple of baby shower-wedding-out to dinner outfits.

It's not just the clothes that have changed. It's also the fact that I never have time to do anything to myself. My hair is long and thick. On days I am lucky enough to get a shower, my hair usually air dries into a big frizzy mess, which is then promptly put in a ponytail. Unfortunately, the ponytail makes it much easier to see all the gray hairs around my hairline. I am really ready to cut it all off. Things are so hectic around here that I cannot remember the last time I applied makeup anywhere other than in the car.

My nails grow well, but are never polished. I can barely reach my toes, much less paint my toenails, And, I promise I have enough eyebrow hairs to share with two other people. The last time we went out, Dubya was completely fascinated by my dress and told me I looked like a princess. This cracked up the babysitter and T.

And, so it is, that I used to be well-groomed. Like most parents, most of my energy and effort goes to my kids. They have great clothes - especially P3 because her mom likes to shop at Gymboree. They are bathed regularly. The boys get haircuts as soon as it reaches their ears. They get new shoes while mine get worse and worse.

There will come a day when my kids are not so dependent on me and I will have more time for myself. But, by then, I will probably be completely stuck in the no-maintenance zone!


  1. I am in that boat rowin' with ya, sista!! =)

  2. I know is not easy at all I am in the same situation, but like you know a smile from one of the little ones wipes all the stress away. Come and visit me