Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yesterday was an interesting and frustrating day. I didn't get enough sleep and hubby had to work late, SO... I was so tired by the evening, the kids were working my nerves in a big bad way. Baby J had refused to nap, so she was a major crankenstein. Big D couldn't seem to concentrate on his homework. And all Dubya wanted to do was go outside to play.

I finally put the baby to bed after she refused to eat. Naturally, she started to cry and scream like a banshee. Then, of course, she threw up all over her bed. Yippee! So, while D and W ate (or didn't eat) a perfectly good dinner, I power bathed J, changed her sheets and pjs and put her back to bed. At least this time she went to sleep. W took a shower on his own like a big boy. D allegedly finished his homework. And, of course, T came home just in time to see everything already done. Just typing it all made me tired!

So, today is better already - phew!

People I admire today:

  • Cloris Leachman, who, while annoying, is one hell of a woman at 82! (Imanaged to sneak in some TV last night.)
  • My 5 yr old, who helped out and took a shower all by himself last night.
  • My 8 yr old, who came down and asked for another interesting book to read because he'd already finished all the others!
  • Colin Powell for speaking his mind about the GOP campaign with truthfulness and honor, even though he knew he'd catch hell from his own party.

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