Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's that time again! I think Halloween is becoming more and more like Christmas, except for the grotesque excess present buying. There are parties in every classroom, lots of decorations, plans to make for the evening, costumes to buy, etc.

The boys have "Storybook Character Day," which means they are supposed to dress as a character from a favorite book. Every year, I make them follow the rules. Every year they come home and tell me about all the kids whose parents were nice enough to ignore the rules and send their kid in as Darth Vader. I stick with Harry Potter, Sir Lancelot (an especially inspired idea), etc. This year, they are Prince Caspian and High King Peter from The Chronicles of Narnia. This is a good compromise because Dubya is happy to be a knight of any kind, and Big D is actually reading these books now.

As Dubya's room mom, I have been putting together the party, which had me up until 1 am cutting out clothing for popsicle stick scarecrows. I have to admit they are pretty cute, though.

Baby J has no costume, and I guess she won't be getting one. I couldn't find anything I liked, so now I'm stuck with nothing. She'll be going as the cutest girl in the family. Easy enough. The boys' costumes actually look pretty cool, too. We tested the fog machine and strobe light out front last night, and it looked awesome. Once again we will succeed in making the kids work through their irrational fears to get their candy. I consider it neighborhood therapy.....

Hope to have pictures to post later.

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