Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's Early and I'm Already Annoyed

In my role as The Decider, I am also tasked with getting everyone up in the morning and getting them all ready for wherever they need to go. I am tired of this job. My mornings usually go like this:

  • I wake up at 6ish - hoping to take care of some personal hygiene before the minions get up.
  • Poopie Pants awakes shortly thereafter, thereby shortening any bathroom visit I may have been attempting.
  • She gets her hygiene taken care of and breakfast served to her. (How nice.)
  • I begin the process of making coffee and waking up the boys. At least one will need to be physically removed from the bed. Much whining ensues - and not always by me.
  • I make their breakfast - after they change their minds five times about what they want.
  • I pick out their clothes; they complain; I pick out more clothes. I dress the Princess. She is, in fact the only one who should need dressing. (It's important to note that the boys wear UNIFORMS to school!)
  • I pack their school bags with anything they need, including snacks, lunches, homework.
  • I scream at them to brush their teeth and put on their shoes and socks.
  • I find their shoes.
  • If I am lucky, they make it out the door as the bus is pulling up.
  • If not, I throw on some clothes and drive them to school or to catch up with the bus.
  • Princess and I come home.
  • I collapse on the couch while we watch Sesame Street.
  • I finally brush my teeth.
  • I wonder again why it's so hard to get all this done.
  • I feel guilty about all of the yelling and threatening.
  • It is about 9am, and it's all gotta be uphill from here......
It never happens like this on Supernanny.

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